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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Very Green Garden

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the summer as much as us! Everything at the farm is going very well, and all our farms are looking gorgeous thanks to our head farmer Billy Mitchell.  He has done a great job planting, weeding and growing all the tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons, peppers, cantaloupes and beans around town.  All of his hard work this spring is paying off in delicious vegetables. 

Also, thank you so much to Garden Hood for giving us truck loads of flowers to plant at our farms.  If you don’t already know, Garden Hood is the best local garden store for all of your flower, vegetable, and ornamental plant needs.  Check them out here

Take a look at our very green and beautiful garden:

This is our very first sunflower of the season to bloom...

I can't wait for our giant sunflowers to bloom as well.

Fresh Roots at the Goat Farm:

So much green! 

Kale growing beside baby tomatoes

Baby yellow squash

Lots and lots of beans


Can't wait for these to turn red!

Our cat, Deano, loves to follow us around the farm...


Last week's CSA basket

Which included:

Danvers & Cosmic Carrots

Yellow Squash


Lemon & Pickling Cucumbers

Red & Orange

Green & Yellow

Sweet Basil


Dill Flower

Farm Fresh Eggs

I absolutely love all the fresh vegetables this time of year. With veggies straight from a garden, you don't have to be a great cook to make a delicious and healthy meal (trust me..)

Don't forget to stop by the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on Thursdays and The Market at Riverview Landing on Saturdays to get your weekly supply of fresh vegetables.   

Take Care,
Elizabeth and Peanut

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  1. Oh my - everything looks delicious! Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for providing us with all these amazing goodies!