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Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello All,

It's been a while since our last update, but we've mainly been trying to beat the heat and keep the plants alive! We've missed the last few weeks of market due to the fact that our CSA baskets have used most of our produce in addition to Olivia's raid on the garden!! She finally figured out that a delicious array of vegetables were sitting only few feet away on the opposite side of the fence... She pretty much helped her self to anything and everything in the garden. Everything has turned out fine, but we just haven't had the surplus of vegetables we normally do. Mark will be at Market this Saturday however with lots of wonderful veggies!

We have had a surplus of cucumbers however... so we've been doing some good ol'fashion picklin!

We tasted the pickles the other day and they're great! It was surprisingly not very difficult to do.

We've also had a few little surprises pop up on the farm...

New baby silkies! So cute...

And here are a few pictures that our neighbor and photographer, Lynn, took of the farm a week or two ago:

And Ms. Diva herself was featured in Creative Loafing...

She's been in a music video, wedding video, on Fox-5, painted, sketched, photographed... what's next??? She needs an agent.

Hope you are all doing well and staying cool out there!

Take Care,

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  1. hi there
    I was just reading about your farm there after swinging from link to link like some Tarzan of the web so I just thought I'd say hi as it seemed rude to not say hello..:)