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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dirt Don't Hurt!

Hello All,

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful, and we took full advantage of the weather. The entire weekend revolved around dirt- shoveling dirt, hauling dirt, raking dirt... Mark had a pile of healthy, nutrient filled soil delivered to the farm, and it was our job to transfer every bit of it to the garden.

Here's an idea of the pile:

Thankfully, three wonderful volunteers came out on Saturday and helped us move the soil into the garden. Thanks Madi, Dennis, and Jeremy!!

Jeremy proved to be an excellent chicken wrangler...

Once we transferred the soil to the garden, Mark tilled the ground, mixing old and new dirt...

And believe it or not, moving this dirt took the entire day. With 4 and 1/2 people moving the dirt, we got this much done..

Though our backs ached and our hands were blistered (an obvious sign that it is only the start of the season) we spent Sunday creating beds out of the dirt we moved. Luckily our new friend Diana was there to take some very beautiful pictures

Now half of the garden is ready to plant. Once the ran stops and the soil dries out, we'll be in business.

Take care,


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